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“Nauryz” is translated from Farsi as “new day”

Nauryz is the main holiday of the year for both Kazakhs and many peoples of Asia, celebrated for more than five thousand years. Nauryz is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year, a new life. Our school also celebrates this holiday, we organize concerts, set the table, communicate, everything goes very well. After that, you can understand that this holiday unites people. The holiday of unity of all people on earth and nature, the holiday of harmony, light and good on earth goes happiness, so the night before the holiday was called the night of good and happiness.Holiday when flowers bloom, birds begin to sing when the weather is pleasant and uplifting. All this can be called beautiful, even without calling it so. And if we talk about the dastarkhan of this holiday, and in the days of celebration of the holiday prepared a lot of food, it showed prosperity and abundance, the festive table was laid in every house.
The main treat at the festive dastarkhan was «Nauryz kozhe». Nauryz kozhe is a very tasty and ritual dish that includes seven components: water, meat, salt, fat, flour, cereals and milk. The number seven in itself has a sacred character among the Kazakhs. With the arrival of the holiday, we all dress up their elegant dresses, walk, go to visit your loved ones, have fun and it’s all very cool! And I want to wish you all the best and good health on this holiday!

Zhuman Ayaulym, 7-th grade #38
Gymnasium School, EC “ZERE”



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